Why you should clean your roof gutters

Having a good home where you can relax and feel safe is essential. And systems like roof gutters are responsible for protecting your home from rain and snow. Keeping the gutters clean should be a priority; otherwise, the water running down from the roof will accumulate on the gutters.

The importance of having clean gutters

Gutters don’t need that much maintenance to keep them functioning. But debris does get filled up, leading to a blockage that doesn’t allow the water to pass through the downspouts. Ultimately the blockage causes the water to run over the top and fall to the ground. In winter, water can freeze on the gutters creating heavy ice blockages. These ice blockages run the risk of even tearing a gutter away from the roof.

Practising safety while cleaning roof gutters

Cleaning roof gutters can be a risky task. Climbing ladders to clean gutters isn’t the safest way to go. But investing in an extension ladder instead of using a step ladder can go a long way when it comes to safety while cleaning gutters on the roof.

How to clean gutters the safe way

Before climbing a ladder and starting the cleaning, you should remember that you shouldn’t work in icy, wet or windy conditions. Wearing non-slip shoes will also help. You should never lean over the edges and work under power lines. Here are the steps that will help you clean gutters the safe way.

Use a scoop

Use gutter scoops to scoop out debris starting at the drain outlet. Then you should work away from the drain outlet and scoop the debris into a bucket. Remember to keep your bucket in a place that is easily reachable to you. Scooping can be done when the debris is a bit damp. The debris being soggy or thoroughly dried makes it harder for you to scoop them.

Use a garden hose if you have one.

If you have a high-pressure nozzle attachment, you can use it on a garden hose; then, you can use it to wash out the gutter’s channels towards the drain. You should do this after you have manually scooped out the debris, and only some small bits are left. Avoid splattering the mud, and you should be good to go.

Keep the drain pipes cleared

After you’ve cleaned the channels of the gutters, then the last thing on the list is to clean the drain pipes. Check if the water flows freely through the drainpipes, and if it doesn’t, try flushing down the blockage with water. If that still doesn’t work, use a stick to try and poke the jam until it clears.