Why you should clean gutters in Autumn

Do you know the safest way to spend peaceful autumn and a warm winter at home? By preparing your home for the cold season in time. Have you already planned it? In the next few days, you should inspect the building for cracks, you should check the sealing of the windows and doors, and you should take all necessary measures to prevent your home from leaking moisture and cold. We advise you to do gutter prevention as well. Don’t ignore them, because a little carelessness can open up a job and cost you for gutter cleaning services.

How to prevent clogged and dirty gutters?

Gutters are most often clogged with pebbles, dust, plaster, and pieces of tiles. As a matter of fact, the wind can push almost any smaller object into them. Add to this the falling leaves and branches and you will find out how clogged the gutter can be.

Grilles can also be installed, which collect leaves and debris and prevent them from clogging the pipes. This will not save you the need for spring and autumn prevention, but it will make it much easier.

What happens if I don’t clean the gutters?

The most common causes of obstruction of the gutter system are falling leaves and pieces of branches. They can effectively clog the drain to the pipe, which will cause water to overflow on the wall during heavy rainfall. The solution and protection against clogging of gutters is the installation in the gutters of fine mesh, which will stop larger impurities. However, this must be planned at the design stage, as gutters with such protection must have a larger cross-section.

PVC gutters, zinc gutters, or copper gutters are less likely to clog the leaves because they have a smoother surface. Steel gutters can become rough over the years, so they will be easier to turn on.

Another element that is worth considering is the gutter covers, which will prevent water from overflowing in places of increased intake (for example, in the corners of the roof, where water flows down from two adjacent slopes).

Moisture in the walls can also be caused by a snow cover in the gutters that sticks to the wall, as well as an uncontrolled flow of water from melting snow. To avoid such situations, it is good to invest in an anti-icing system. It consists mainly of electric heating cables laid in gutters. Their task is the systematic melting of snow and ice in them, thanks to which they guarantee the passability of the gutter system and prevent its damage.

The clogging of gutters and downpipes makes it impossible to drain water from rain and melting snow. It spills over the eaves and damages them. In addition, some of the water penetrates the pipes, freezes in cold weather, and can burst.

The snow retaining elements prevent the gutters from warping when a lot of snow accumulates on them.

Can I do the gutter cleaning myself?


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