When to replace roof gutters instead of repairing them

Roof gutters for your home might not be an expensive affair. However, it is still beneficial to know as much about the subject as you can. When it comes to a damaged roof gutter, one question is guaranteed to bring a lot of confusion and dilemma. Should you repair your roof gutter or replace it altogether? 

You might think that you don’t want the risk of any future problems and decide to go for a total replacement. However, it might be the case that a few simple repairs would have done the job. Similarly, you might feel that you don’t want to spend the extra cash on a full replacement. But then again, repairing a roof gutter even though the problem is exceptionally severe might lead to future problems.

So, how does one know when to repair and when to replace a roof gutter?

To answer that question, we have to look into some crucial factors. A roof gutter can get damaged due to various reasons ranging from minor to severe. There are many things to consider here. What kind of damage is it? Is it just a little leak? or is it a permanent hole? Whether you repair or replace a roof gutter largely depends on these circumstances. 

In this article, we will be looking at three situations when you should replace your roof gutter instead of repairing it.

When the roof gutter is too damaged for fasteners

You can repair a roof gutter with minor problems like small cracks without any issues. However, this is not true when the roof gutter is too damaged to be held by fasteners or nails. 

If you opt to repair your roof gutter despite this situation, the results can be problematic. If the damage is so much that the gutter cannot be held in place, it might fall down and collapse. 

So always remember, if nails can’t hold it together, go for a replacement.

When there are holes in your roof gutter

If you see a crack or a big nasty hole in your roof gutter, you should get the whole thing replaced. 

Some people tend to patch up the affected area thinking it will solve the problem. However, these quick fixes are just temporary solutions and don’t solve the problem once and for all.  

No matter how strong that patchwork is, it will not hold for very long. The material will soon start to weaken, leaving you no choice but to replace the whole thing. Holes and cracks are irreparable, and attempting to do so will only result in a waste of money.

When your roof gutter is too rusty

Rust might not be an immediate problem, but it indicates a problem for the future. 

When your roof gutter starts to rust, it is only a matter of time until a hole begins to pop up. We recommended constantly checking the condition of your roof gutter, especially during and after rain. If you happen to spot rusty areas, chances are you’re going to need a replacement job soon.

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