What You Should Know About Gutter Cleaning

Just like Christmas, we all have that time of the year to clean our home. Many homeowners are all about their house maintenance during the spring season. They carry out many household chores, but they often miss out on cleaning their roofs. If you are also failing to take care of your roof gutters, it is time to start taking measures. You need to get rid of all the debris that has the potential to cause severe house damage in the long run.

A Gutter system that functions properly helps prevent the chances of water damage. It drains out all the water from your roof. The last thing you would want is a clogged downspout and gutter. If the water starts backing up, then the water will damage your roof, siding, soffits, and fascia. We are aware that frequent examination and cleaning of your roof will reduce the chances of roof damages. You will also save a lot of money by skipping replacements and repairs.

Prioritising Safety

We also advise you to keep your waist right between the rails. Don’t risk your life by going a few extra inches while cleaning. Another major tip would be to place your ladder on a sturdy surface for stable footing. You shouldn’t place your ladder on an unsteady or uneven lawn. Make sure to place a tarp below your gutters for collecting all the debris. Plus, you can seek assistance from a helper to spot you.

You also need to protect your hands by using gloves. Your roof is filled with debris, rotting leaves, bird poop, and millions of bacteria. So, you need to use a glove for your protection. Gloves will also protect your hands from painful cuts from the roof’s metal shards. It will also protect you from accidents during repairs. It is also possible to come across many insects, birds, and small animals from the gutters. So, we advise you to protect your eyes too.

Removing All The Gunk

It is important to remove all the gunk from your gutter using a plastic scoop, good quality gloves, and a garden trowel. You can start by scooping out all the leaves and debris present in the downspout. We advise you to use your hands because it’s easily manoeuvrable. Also, make sure to loosen all the clogging in your downspout using your hands. Once you finish cleaning in one section of the gutter, make sure to repeat the same process by climbing down and climbing back up again on a different spot.

After you finish getting rid of all the leaves, sticks, and other dirt, you can use a garden hose for flushing out all the remaining debris in your gutter. When you are flushing, pay close attention to whether the water is coming smoothly out of the spout. You will know if there is clogging, by the water flowing smoothly or trickling. Make sure to use your hose on a higher pressure to remove everything.