What to keep in mind while replacing broken home roof gutters

When your gutter is used up and in bad shape, there’s no doubt you’ll have to replace it. While you may be already familiar with this process, there’s always some valuable tips to discover. Knowing these extra tips can result in a much better experience. 

This article points out some do’s and don’ts to follow while replacing a roof gutter.

Don’t go for cheap roof gutters.

Saving money is a good thing, but what’s important is to know when and where to do it. It’s equally crucial for you to know when NOT to think about saving money. When replacing your roof gutters, keep in mind not to compromise on the quality.

Buying a cheap gutter might save you money, but will the low quality be worth it? A low-quality channel will be weak and break down within a few years. When that happens, you’re going to have to spend more money than what you saved.

Roof gutters made of copper and aluminium can last up to 50 and 20 years, respectively. We’d say that’s well worth the money.

Maintain the correct gap between gutter hangers

Gutter hangers are a critical facet of the replacement process. These are the tools that will permanently mount the gutter to your house.

You need to space the gutter hangers correctly and keep the space between the hangers at just the right amount.
Leaving too much space between the hangers will cause problems. If not spaced correctly, the hanger will sag, and the water will pool instead of flowing. The pressure from the pooling can break off the gutter from the house. The key here is to place the hangers every three feet. However, if you live in a snowy or icy region, two feet will be better.

When it comes to household repair, doing things yourself might not always be a good idea. Sure, it’s an excellent way to get better at chores, but it might be risky sometimes.
Installing rooftop gutters requires climbing on ladders. It doesn’t end there since the person has to do most of the work at an elevated height. Unfortunately, not everyone is in good shape. Different people have different health issues. After climbing all the way up, you might even realise that you’re afraid of heights. In that case, the results can get wobbly.

For your safety, we suggest you get someone to work with you. A helping hand can spot you when you climb and even make sure the ladder is steady. Be careful on the ladder, and don’t lean too far out; a single misstep can get you seriously hurt.

While you’re at it, we suggest you get some accessories installed for your gutter system. Gutter guards, leaf catchers, or other products that ensure hassle-free maintenance are a must.


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