What Causes Gutter Leakage?

Have you ever wondered why your roof keeps leaking despite repairing it every time? Well, the problem may stem from your drainage system. We usually do not pay much attention to our gutters because it seems there is no need to do that. However, a malfunctioning spillway can cause unforeseen problems than ever imagined.

The most common issue that a drain suffers is leakages. A leaky gutter can occur through diverse factors, which you may not have minded. Some of those major causes are discussed in this article to help you prevent gutter leaks.

Read on to learn the various reasons why your gutter keeps leaking and how to prevent them in the future. We hope you find it handy! If your gutters are already leaking you may need to hire a gutter repair specialist in Kirkby.

Causes And Ways To Avoid Gutter Leaks

The table below shows the possible causes of leaking drainages and ways to prevent them;

Causes of gutter leaks Description How to avoid the problem
Harsh weather condition People who live in locations with extreme weather conditions find themselves spending more on gutter repairs than others. The reason is that some drains are made of materials that cannot withstand harsh weather conditions. Aluminium, for instance, cannot survive in too hot or extremely cold weather. It will wear off fast and crack under intense pressure. Do not install substandard or cheap gutters if you stay in a place where the climate is harsh. Instead, use spillways that are durable like copper.Repainting also helps in fighting extreme climates. It increases the gutter layers and protects them from rusting or suffering damage.
Sagging gutters Gutters sometimes disconnect from their fascia board. When that happens, water seeps through the loosened areas and depreciates the value of the gutter. It then results in a leakage. Ensure that your gutter is secured firmly to the fascia board. Clear any debris in the spillway regularly to free it of extra weightIf you notice a slight sag in your gutter system, call a professional guttering company to fix it immediately. 
Clogs Blockage in the gutter is one of the main culprits behind the leak. When materials like leaves and debris obstruct water flow in the drainage, the water becomes stagnant and spill on the sides. As a result, the gutter wears out and starts leaking. Ensure you inspect your gutter regularly and clean out anything obstructing the water flow.
Rusts Gutters made with metal have rusting tendencies when they are not properly maintained. Such rusts can result in cracks, gaps, and leakages in the spillway. Repaint your gutter regularly to increase its protective layersSeal holes with waterproof sealants immediately you notice one to about further complications

Repairing Leaking Gutters

It is one thing to prevent leakages, but what do you do when it has happened already? Call a professional gutter specialist to inspect and identify the cause of the leak, suggest the most suitable situation, and carry out appropriate repairs.


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