Tips for cleaning home roof gutters

Why should anyone clean their roof gutters?

Over time, debris like sticks and leaves fills up along the gutters creating a blockage. This is problematic because when you have water or snow falling over your home, the blocked gutters will not allow the water or snow to pass through the drain pipe. Cleaning the debris enables the gutters to work like its intended.

When and how often should one clean them?

The general idea is that you should clean your gutters at least once a year, especially during fall and before winter. But if you live somewhere where your house has trees nearby, and the weather is prone to rains and storms, then you should do it more often. 

Some helpful tips on how to clean roof gutters

With that being said, cleaning roof gutters can be challenging if you do not know how to proceed. Here are a few tips for cleaning roof gutters and keeping your home well maintained!

Wear protective gloves for your hands:

Roof gutters can be dangerous. The debris that gets stuck in the lines can be anything from leaves to even shards of metal and many bacteria in the stagnant water. Wearing gloves will protect your hands.

Use ladders in the right way:

Ladders are an essential tool in helping you clean roof gutters. How can you go up without ladders anyway? However, they should be used professionally, as accidents can happen. Make sure the ladder is sturdy, and all of its screws and bolts check out. Aluminium ladders are recommended, as they are strong and light. Also, get a ladder with a shelf to hold your tools and buckets.

Use a garden hose to clean out the gutter:

A garden hose can be handy when cleaning out roof gutters. After all the debris is collected, you can use a garden hose to flush out the gutters. Doing so helps to clean out the remaining dirt and bits. Use a spray nozzle attachment that shoots strong streams of water.

Use gutter scoops to remove debris:

Any kind of scoop can work to remove debris like leaves. But gutter scoops are specifically made for this sort of thing. And they are readily available at the nearest hardware store. Using a gutter scoop seems to be the most effective way to get the job done. Plastic scoops are recommended as metal scoops could scrape the gutters and allow rusting to take place. If the gutters are already in bad shape, the scraping will speed up the rusting process.


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