The right way to clean roof gutters

Gutter systems exist to protect your home from moisture and bad weather conditions. Gutter cleaning is an integral part of home maintenance that you should do regularly. It goes a long way in protecting your lawn, foundation and the soil around your house.

If you don’t clean your gutters regularly, you should know that your home will be susceptible to damage. Water damage to a house can be very expensive to repair; prevention is better than cure. Problems like black mould, damage to wiring and insulation will be a headache to get rid of.

Importance of keeping roof gutters clean

For every homeowner, keeping the gutters clean should be one of the top things on a maintenance list. The gutter and downspout are designed to keep water away from places that shouldn’t be there. 

But no matter how well the roof gutter system is designed, it will always be prone to blockage by debris. Blocked gutters won’t allow the water to go where it needs to go. That is why keeping a schedule of keeping the roof gutters clean is important. If not, the problems that blocked gutters can cause are ones that no one wants to have to deal with

The question of how often you should clean your gutters depend on where you live and the weather conditions. If you live in an area where there are a lot of trees, and it is rainy, then you need to schedule your gutter cleaning often. 

Some tips on how to clean roof gutters

The actual act of cleaning the gutters can be a tedious task. Here are some tips that can help you get the job done efficiently.

Make use of sturdy ladders

There are ways to clean gutters without getting on a ladder, as some people would rather not take the risk of having an accident. But getting on a ladder and getting your hands dirty is always the right way to get the job done efficiently. Use extension ladders with a stabiliser so you can minimise risks. If possible, have someone help you too.

Wear protective clothing

It is always a good idea to wear protective clothing when you’re cleaning gutters. Since it’s a messy job, wearing long sleeve shirts, rubber boots and donning rubber gloves can not only protect you from the mess but also from potential injuries

Buy a gutter scoop

You might wonder if any scoop can get the work done for picking up debris. But using a gutter scoop is more convenient as they are designed to pick debris off gutters. Gutter scoops are available at your nearest hardware store. They are cheap as well.


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