The Downfall Of Not Cleaning Gutters

Major Structural Damage

If you fail to clean your gutters, then you are risking your home to severe damages. The rainwater can’t escape the gutter because the excess number of debris and leaves trap everything. They fail in escaping via the downpipes. Sometimes, the water or gunk could easily seep inside your roof and walls through the gutters.

They tend to create fissures and cracks along the way. And as more water starts to enter, these fissures and cracks begin to expand. Also, if your house is made of wood, then the water will rot all the wood in your home. You can also expect it to damage your materials and tiles.

Spread of Allergies

There could be an infestation of pollen and mold allergies as the water starts seeping in through the cracks. These allergies could spread rapidly if your home is located in a dark and humid environment. This mildew and molds tend to spread fast and grow their colonies.

You will have a hard time getting rid of them. In the worst-case scenario, you will end up replacing an entire carpet in your home. These allergies also pose a serious health risk. You can become prone to illnesses such as wheezing, throat irritation, and constant coughing.

Real Roof Damage

The season of heavy rain will cause immense clogging to your roof as well. The water doesn’t just seep inside your house from the cracks of your walls. But it also seeps inside your roof, causing considerable damage. Also, you can expect these damages to expand over time. People that live under sub-zero climates face the most risk.

Wild Neighbours

Clogged gutters act as the ultimate home for many wild animals. Why? Well, because they possess a variety of nutrients. These animals look for food in your gutter and even creates a home there. You will come across critters like possums, birds, rats, and mice.

If you neglect your roof maintenance, then these animals could enter your house via the holes and cracks present on the walls. The last thing you would want is to live with these animals under the same roof and create more infestation.

Insurance Won’t Save You

Your insurance isn’t going to cover any of the damages that you face in your home. Your insurance won’t back you up when there is negligence on your part. So, for proper house maintenance, you need to stop neglecting gutter cleaning throughout the year. We advise you to at least clean your roof gutter once or twice a year.

The Bottomline

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