The best tips for cleaning gutters

Like roofs, gutters can be affected by the growth of moss to block water. You can use the same moss repellents as for the roof to remove moss and prevent it from growing.

In order not to damage the facade, do not forget to regularly clean and check the condition of the gutter system – its tightness and stability of the fasteners. This should not be underestimated, especially after winter, because freezing water or the weight of snow that has accumulated can cause deformation of the gutter, which usually leads to leaks.

Regular inspection

Gutter and downpipe attachments must be examined regularly for good gutter cleaning in Hunt’s Cross. Broken brackets can change the position or inclination of the gutter, which can hinder or even prevent proper drainage.


Clogs can be easily cleaned by removing the cover and cleaning the drain pipe. If the underground drain pipe itself is clogged, you can try to clean it with a flexible wire to unclog ducts. Then rinse the gutter well with a garden hose. You can also use a water jet to clean up the debris that caused the blockage. It is important that the drainage pipes in the ground have a sufficient slope and that there are no local deposits that lead to the accumulation of dirt at the bottom of the pipe. A slope of 1 cm per meter is sufficient.

Check the patency of the pipes

Checking the clogging pipes is more difficult because we can’t look ahead. Therefore, it is best to pour water from them on top and see if it drains down. If it does not leak, you must press it.

Facilitation is all types of inspection openings, so-called detergents. There is a dirt basket in the drainpipe in such a place, all you have to do is remove it and throw the leaves out of it. The drainage of the drain pipe must also be checked.

How often should we check the gutters on the roof?

Take your time for examining and servicing gutters and downspouts. This can extend their life surprisingly much. And it also reduces the expense of repairs.

We advise you to check their condition twice a year (spring and autumn) or once, preferably in the spring before heavy rains. Check for accumulations of street dust and eroded roofing materials.

How can I keep the gutter from being clogged with leaves?

In an area with many trees, a special net against the leaves can be installed, as well as protective PVC funnels can be placed on the gutter openings. Keep in mind that it is necessary to periodically clean the net itself from the sheet.

Extra tips on how to extend the life of gutters

Check for blocked gutters and any areas in the gutters where water is retaining or even overflowing on a regular basis.

Check for corrosion, stitching, adhesion, loose brackets or skewers, sagging gutters, and pressure on the walls (destroyed or swollen plaster is a sure sign of leaks on the facade).