Step by step guide to cleaning home gutters

Prepare for the heights

The thing that you will be needing the most when it comes to cleaning your gutters would be a ladder. This is why you must prepare yourself to face the heights that you are going to climb on. You will need to note that you need to get a ladder that is sturdy and can hold you up as you try to reach your gutter. If you live in a house with a high gutter, you will need to be even more careful. You must have a ladder that you can rely upon on things like this. This is not a joke so if you think you cannot handle that, then you can ask someone else to do it for you since your safety will be at risk when it comes to it.

Your tools need to go with you

Your tools need to go with you wherever you go as you will be needing them. The tools would include a plastic bag that is strong enough to hold any debris that you will be getting from your gutter, a scoop that will help you to clean all the leaves easier and shove it inside the bag, and very thick gloves that will help you to handle things better. You would want to wear some old clothes so that you will be more than ready to handle the dirt that might come your way as you are cleaning home gutters.

Scoop it all out

When you are already on your stable ladder and you can easily reach the inside of your gutters, the next thing that you need to do would be to scoop it all out. Scoop up all the debris that you can and place them on your plastic container. However, do take note not to lean because this can easily risk the ladder tipping and you falling. Instead, if you are feeling like leaning, go down on your ladder, reposition it and then climb back up again. This is much safer even if it is going to be much more time-consuming than usual.  

Wash it and flush it

After you have cleared out the big debris like twigs, leaves, and a whole lot more, the next thing to do would be to wash it and flush it down. You will need to do a final wash of your gutter by pouring in a decent amount of water that will be strong enough to let it all down. This would include dirt and the like. For example, you can use a hose or you can also just use your bucket. This is the last step but also a very important step in cleaning home gutters.


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