The Six Steps In Cleaning Home Gutters

Let’s be real here; almost everyone isn’t interested in cleaning their home gutters. Only the workaholics and homemakers enjoy doing this hectic job. But cleaning your home gutters is a necessity for the proper functioning of your home. You have to realize that your rain gutters are prone to dirt, leaves, and debris every day.

Step 1: Prepare A Ladder

The first and foremost thing that you need to consider here is your ladder. Your ladder should be extendable, good, and sturdy at all times. Focus on placing your ladder on a tough solid surface. Ensure that you avoid placing your ladder on rocky, uneven landscapes to prevent accidents.

It is also smart to utilize a good ladder stabilizer that guarantees gutter damages and safety too. Plus, one can take the help of a helper to hold the ladder and pass the necessary tools. We would suggest a family member do that.

Step 2: Appropriate Clothes

Now you need to start dressing up for your job. You can wear a shirt with long sleeves, along with some good-quality rubber gloves and working pants. Why do you need this dress code? Well, it is because cleaning your home gutters is a dirty job. You need to protect yourself from all the unhygienic stuff in the rain gutters.

Step 3: Gutter Scoops

Here, you need to utilize a small-sized plastic scoop to remove all the gunk present in your rain gutter. Ensure that you get great quality gutter scoops from the hardware store in your vicinity. On another note, you can also try using a shovel from your kid’s sandbox to do the job for you. Another alternative would be using a plastic spatula from your kitchen. It will do the job for you and also won’t cause any damages.

Step 4: Use Tarpaulin Sheet

Proceed to place a tarpaulin sheet on the surface to collect all the dirt and debris accumulated in your rain gutter. It will keep your workspace clean and will also enable you to easily dump away everything at once. By doing this, you are protecting your landscape and lawn from all the gunk matter that falls on the ground.

Step 5: Flush & Rinse

After removing all the debris in your rain gutters, it is time to hose everything away with water. Here, you can find a garden hose from your tool shed and flush away all the remaining debris. After you get rid of all the gunk, there will still be some dirt left. So, you need to flush your downspouts and gutters using a garden hose. It will also show if any leaks need fixing.

Step 6: Make Any Repairs

After the cleaning process, the next job is to repair any sagging metal from your roof. This trick is possible by using a gutter hanger and mounting it. You will be happy to hear that many homeowners tend to resort to DIY Jobs with their gutter repairs.


By following these six key steps, you will have an easy time cleaning your rain gutters. Once you clean the gutters, you will get accustomed to them and won’t have any trouble later. Just ensure that you use the right tools to get the job perfectly done in time.

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