Must-Have Supplies For Gutter Cleaning

It’s the weekend and you want to indulge in some home cleaning activities. Gutters can be the most neglected part of your cleaning process. For a well-maintained house, it is necessary to keep a clean gutter. Before you step into the cleaning process, you need to find the right supplies required for the gutter cleaning process. 

A Ladder 

Although any ladder would suffice for the cleaning process, it is best to invest in some sturdy ladder to scoop gunk from your gutters. Begin cleaning near a downspout. Place your ladder squarely on level ground before climbing. Make sure the ladder is not wobbly.


Now to put in the debris, you need some heavy-duty buckets. Now some of you might wonder why not just toss it out on the ground, but it will just create more mess for you to clean and you do not want to spend your weekend like that. Do you?

Make your job even easier by using two buckets instead of one. You can put your tools in one bucket for easy access and debris in the other. Both the buckets can be hung with the ladder. Pick our scoop from one bucket, scrape out debris and deposit it in the other.

Puncture-proof Gloves

To kick-start the process, first comes your protection. You need some strong, resistant puncture-proof gloves. We move and clean the downspout strainers. To remove the debris and dump them in the buckets, you need to make sure your hands are safe. The debris might have sharp things in it and extremely dirty too. To avoid that tetanus shot, get yourself some good cleaning gloves already.

A Durable Hosepipe

Once the bigger portion of junk is removed, you need a quality garden hose to clean out small debris. A hose with a spray nozzle to flush the gutter with water is best to do the job. A nozzle with high pressure will be adequate to clog out the blockages that are otherwise not reachable. 

A Gutter Scoop

It is only after buying a gutter scoop; you will realize what an important role it can play in the gutter cleaning process. You need a good quality gutter scoop to scrape out the silt in the bottom of your gutters without decommissioning your hands. 

Gutter Vacuum System

If you want to take your gutter cleaning job seriously, you can go out of the way and buy a gutter vacuum system. Its biggest benefit is that it will make your cleaning efficient and safer by reaching the areas (extensions and conservatories) that you find it hard to do manually. Modern vacuum cleaners are easy to maneuver with risk-free cleaning of debris. 


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