Methods For Cleaning Home Gutters

The Leaf Blower Method

Most leaf blowers come equipped with a nozzle attachment that helps release a small stream of air. It is excellent for cleaning your home gutters. You need to place your ladder on a solid surface and slowly work towards the downspout. It will blow out the obstructions as you proceed.

Just make sure that you don’t end up blowing any leaves inside the downspout. Also, try to remove any twigs and leaves using a hose. You can also use a special attachment if you don’t like standing on a ladder. It will help in extending your leaf blower’s reach.

The Wet/Dry Vacuum Method

The Wet/Dry Vacuum method is perfect for removing all the heavy debris present in your gutter. The retail shop for local home improvement in your area probably carries all the curved attachments and hoses required for the job. It helps in reaching all the obstructed gutters while you are in a standing posture on the ground. But the stuck-on stubborn dirt should always be moistened before it ends up succumbing to the vacuum. After removing the bulk material, ensure that you flush down the downspout and gutters using a garden hose.

The Power Washer Method

The fine nozzle spray equipped with your power washer will help in blasting away all the layers of debris and dirt. If it’s been quite some time that you haven’t cleaned the gutters, then it’s time to do so with the power washer. However, you need to remember that this method will get messy.

So, you should rinse the exterior walls and roof afterward. A pressure washer is the best recourse for all the clogged downspouts in your home. You just have to point the device’s nozzle right down the hole. After that, you need to rinse its shaft until the water starts running freely through it.

The Garden Hose Method

A garden hose is perfect for the job if your gutters aren’t that heavily clogged. The situation of your gutter may depend on how consistent you are with your cleaning. Some people clean once a year, some clean every 3-4 months, and the rest just never do. So, if your gutter isn’t thoroughly clogged, then you can resort to a garden hose. If your hose is equipped perfectly with the correct attachment, then there isn’t a need for you to stand on the ladder.

You can easily do it by standing on the ground. Here, the right or correct attachment is referring to the rigid tube that has a curved end. In this method, you can begin from the end, far from the downspout, and start flushing the channel’s length. Ensure that you get rid of all the residual matter using your hand right before it starts drying out.

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