Maintaining roof gutters

Roof gutters are an integral part of any home. But many homeowners take the maintenance of roof gutters lightly. Yes, cleaning and maintaining roof gutters take a bit of work, but they are worth the extra energy you spend. However, maintenance can be made easy if you learn how to do it. 

If gutters are not maintained properly, they can burn a hole in your pocket, getting them fixed or replaced now and then. Having a well-maintained gutter not only helps protect your home from rain and snow but also keeps secondary problems like mould away.

Why maintenance of roof gutters is important

How does improper maintenance affect the foundation?

Water can seep its way into the foundation’s cracks and crevices. As water flows into the cracks and crevices, it will try to find a way to reach the end. But the water will be forced to go back, taking bits of the foundation with it. So every time water finds a way into the foundation, it causes erosion from the inside. Eventually, water will leak into the basement, causing new problems of mould and other bacteria.

How to maintain home roof gutters

With all those points in mind, now is the part where you worry about maintaining roof gutters. Here are some ideas which you can use to help maintain your roof gutters:

Regularly inspect the gutters for any holes, leaks, corrosion and rust

You may clean your gutters, but it is also important that you check for any defects in the gutter system. Over time, as gutters get filled with debris, any amount of wear and tear should be expected. Check the gutter system for any signs of leaks, holes, rust and corrosion. These problems usually occur at gutter joints.

Clean your gutters twice annually

As debris fills the gutters over time, it is natural to go through some wear and tear. So cleaning the gutters can go a long way in ensuring that your gutter system is maintained well. Cleaning the gutters twice a year at the very least will ensure that your gutters have a long life. Also, keep inspecting the gutters every few weeks so that the debris accumulated is not too problematic.

Keep checking on the downspouts

Your downspouts are as important as the gutters. The gutters carry the water along from the roof, but without the downspouts, all that water would fall around the house anyway. Inspect the downspouts regularly for any damages, just like you would with the gutters. Repair or replace parts that are damaged. You can even use downspout extenders for better drainage.