Important Tools To Repair Home Gutters

Let’s look at which set of tools can quickly fix the gutter-related problems at home. 

Sagging gutter 

It is a widespread problem in almost every household. The gutter tends to sag if water pressure is too heavy for it to hold or if there is stagnant water in the gutter for long because of a clogged downspout. 

Tools required

To fix this issue, you need to check if the hangers need to be replaced or extra hangers need to be added. Adding hangers is not a difficult job if you have the least knowledge to handle the tools. A drill, screwdriver, and some screws are all that you require in fixing the hangers. You might have to buy some hangers if you are planning to add on some. 

Rust on metal gutters 

If the gutters are made of steel or metal, then with time, you may find rust on them. If the rust is not cleaned, then it will damage the sheet, and it will need a replacement. 

Tools required- 

To clean the rust, you need a steel wool scrubber that will do the job

Leaking gutters

Leakage is another common problem with the gutter. It happens because of clogging of downspout, cracks, and holes and so on.

Tools required- 

To seal the leakage first, you need to clean the surface thoroughly. You need a spray cleaner and a scrub brush which are common household cleaning tools. You need to apply the sealer after removing the oxidation. 

Dents in gutter

You might notice dents on the gutter, especially if the dent is made of aluminum. 

Tools required

To fix a simple dent, you can just use a rubber mallet. Hammer the dent softly till the dent flattens. 

The other way of repairing a dent is to make a hole in the affected area with the help of a drill. Place a screw on one side and a washer on the other. Then pull gently with the help of pliers. If required, you might have to repeat the process. 

After it is done to seal the holes, you can use hand rivet and aluminum fillers, if any. You can also consider caulking. If the dent is irreparable, then consider replacing it. 


Ladder stabilizer

To be on the safer side, do use a ladder stabilizer that will hold the ladder in place. A ladder stabilizer is a must, especially for those who have to work single-handedly with no one to help.

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