How to use the pressure washer to clean gutters

Pressure Washer

Pressure washer is quick, convenient and very effective in cleaning the gutters. It allows you to get rid of the dirt and clogs in gutters without much effort. But it is also crucial to know how to work this tool efficiently to get the best results because ignorance can lead to more work in return.

How To Use The Pressure Washer

Here is a step by step instruction on how to use the pressure washer for optimal cleaning.

Gather Your Tools And Knowledge To Use The Pressure Washer

This is the preparation stage where you bring together all the equipment you will need before beginning the cleaning task. Ensure you have everything you need for the job, as coming back to this step later can create havoc.

Please make yourself familiar with the instructions to use the pressure washer as it may need some work to operate. The pressure from the pressure washer is quite forceful with kickback when ejecting water. It requires careful manoeuvre, especially while working from a ladder.

You may choose to be safer by attaching a telescoping wand or an extension to the washer so that you can clean from ground level.

Clear Out Loose Or Unclogged Leaves

Along with removing clogged leaves, make sure you remove the scanty loose ones with your hands. This step is essential because using the pressure washer immediately may invite more clogging issues later on.

Operate The Pressure Washer

After meeting all the initial prerequisites, it is now time to use the pressure washer. You want to target the machine directly towards the clogged parts to disintegrate the dirt and shove them down the spouts. This method will ease fishing out the dirt quickly.

Begin using the pressure washer from its moderate level as too powerful a force can bend or break your gutter. Work with high and low force settings as per need during the entire chore. Once you remove the leaves and debris, you can switch to lower force to drain the remaining of it.

Cleaning Up

The law of gravity will ensure you have quite a mess over the roof and the house after cleaning the gutters. Grab a rake, brush and a garbage bag to collect the debris and dirt.


Pressure cleaning is any day a more efficient and practical way of cleaning gutters than manually doing it. And with these steps in place, you are sure to find the task of cleaning gutters more effortless. This tool will undoubtedly make home maintenance so much easier while keeping your gutters clean and well-maintained.