How To Repair Your Gutter Yourself

Before you call a professional, consider repairing your gutter on your own. This task is effortless and involves just a few inexpensive materials, sheet metal, screws, sealer, and speciality items. Even if you’ve never done it before, there’s not much learning curve. Here are some tips for tackling a gutter repair in Childwall:

Installing a downspout to repair a sagging gutter

If you don’t want to spend money on a gutter repair, you can fix a sagging gutter yourself with some essential tools. First, you will need to remove the old downspout and the end cap. Then, use a drill, and a 4-inch saw to cut a larger hole. After cutting the hole, rotate the downspout so that it latches onto the hooks. Once you’ve missed the new hole, cover the new downspout with a three-inch-wide aluminium strip mitre and fasten it to the fascia. To finish, use a seam sealer to seal the joints.

You can bend the hangers to adjust the slope of the downspout. Install a downspout hinge at the lowest elbow for a more difficult slope. To fix a sagging gutter, you can also add splash blocks, which direct water away from the house. Adding splash blocks will prevent water from clogging the gutters.

Using gutter wedges to correct the angle of the gutter

There are various methods for adjusting the angle of a gutter, including using gutter hangers and gutter wedges. A gutter hanger supports the gutter on the roof and is a great solution when the fascia board is not perpendicular to the ground. A gutter wedge will push the gutter outwards until it is level with the ground. Another method is to install a gutter hanger under the eaves.

Wooden gutter wedges can be used to adjust the angle of the gutter. These wedges are spaced evenly on the fascia board. They have the same colour as the fascia wood. Installing wood wedges on a fascia board will require the skills of a carpenter or skilled handyman. Metal gutter wedges are also an option and must be screwed to the back of the gutter to be installed.

Repairing a leaking gutter

For this work, you will require a ladder and a bucket. A butcher’s hook is useful to attach to a ladder, and you can use it to scoop out debris and keep your hands free. You should check for underlying cables and pipes and use pegs or strings to create a safe path for yourself.

Before you begin the repair, you should identify the source of the leak. The leak usually starts when the seam has opened, or there is rust somewhere. You can purchase gutter repair tape from a hardware or home centre to find these spots. Apply the tape firmly and completely to prevent leaks from occurring again. Once the seam has been sealed, you can reattach the gutter troughs to the fascia.