How To Repair Home Gutters

Rain gutters help to channel the rainwater that flows down from the roof. It is attached to the edge of the roof. The use of gutter minimizes the risk of erosion in the landscape, damaged sidings, flooded basements, etc. 

Leaking gutters

Stagnant waters on the gutter will lead to leakage in the joints. It also results in the formation of rust on the seams made of galvanized steel. If you find a sagging gutter, then do add additional hangers if needed. 

There is a special compound available to caulk gutter, or silicon can also be applied to seal the leakage in or outside the gutter. If there are any small holes, then you can use roofing cement to seal those. But do remember to do this only when the weather is warm so that it dries up quickly.

In case of larger holes, you can use a metal sheet patch. 

Overflowing rain gutters 

If you find an overflowing gutter, then the first thing you need to check is if the downspout or the gutter is clogged. A sagging gutter can also cause a blockage in the flow of water towards the downspout. 

The most common problem is the clogging of the gutter. It happens when the dry leaves and other debris get stuck near the outlets. In such cases, regular cleaning is essential, but you can also use a gutter guard that will not allow the leaves and debris to get inside the gutter. 

For sagging rain gutters

Rain gutters tend to sag when it is full of water. The gutter’s hanger loosens because of the pressure of water, causing the gutter to bend or sag. This results in an overflow of water. 

In order to fix the sagging gutters, you can replace or add hangers. You need to keep a watch that the gutter is fixed tightly to the edge. You can use screws and wood to hold it in position. 

Use a downspout diverter

If the downspout is placed right at the base of the exterior walls, the rainwater falls on the soil. The water seeps into the ground. It can create a severe problem with time as it might damage the foundation of your house. 

You can divert the flow of water away from your house with the help of a downspout diverter. You can easily fit this device at the bottom of the downspouts. 

The downspout diverter will channel the rainwater several meters away from your house’s base, thus saving the foundation.

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