How To Repair Broken Gutters

Repairing your gutters is a simple task and doesn’t take a lot of time. If you neglect your leaking gutters, it may result in a lot of damage and cost you a lot of money to repair. When your gutters fail, ensure the source of leaks to fix it at the earliest. Keep your gutter system clean to ensure that it works efficiently. 

Here are some simple steps to help you repair your broken gutters at home by yourself.

Clean the gutters

Before you prepare to repair your broken gutters, clean out all dirt and leaves with a scoop to keep them dry. Scrub the rusted parts with a wire brush and cut them with aviation snips. Flush the remaining soil with water and keep it air-dry for preparation for repairing your gutters.

Keeping your gutters clean is the best way to ensure your gutters do not become damaged or broken from extensive build-ups of dirt and leaves.

Apply sealants on leaky gutters

While sealing your gutters, apply it with pressure into the joints with some force. Clamp the parts firmly together for at least 24 hours to make them fully cured. We advise you to use a flexible and water-resistant sealant to create a robust and waterproof seal. 

Apply tape on leaky gutters

Similar to applying sealant, you can use repair tape to leaky gutters. First, you have to check whether the downpipe leaks during heavy rain. If it doesn’t go down with a water hose, it shows that the blockage is near the pipe’s top. You may even have to remove some sections of the pipe apart to dislodge the dirt. After that, reseal the pipe with repair tape. Press it firmly for some time with some force with your hand to mould the shape of the pipe joint. 

Fill holes with roofing cement 

Fill the holes in your gutter system with some roofing cement. Mix your cement, apply a small strawberry size and evenly spread it on the hole and smoothen the surface. Read the instructions on the label on your roofing cement to see how much time the cement will need to dry out.

Remove leaking gutters

You may need to replace the hangers if your gutters are leaky. Take an electric drill and unscrew the screws and fasteners. Remove only part by part to ensure that the gutter doesn’t fall off entirely. After that, replace it with new hangers.

Repairing a leak in cast-iron gutters

Usually, cast-iron gutters are joined with bolts. These bolts are unscrewed with the help of a spanner or a hacksaw to cut through them. Take a wire brush to clean the rust and put sealant wherever there is a leak in the gutter.

Check for poorly built gutters

Many home-owners make the mistake of installing their gutter systems by themselves without any prior knowledge. Also, if the installation company is inexperienced, you may face a lot of troubles later on. Check the downspouts of your gutter and see if they are at least a few feet away from the foundation of your home. If not, you can attach gutter extensions to the bottom of the downspout.


Knowing how to fix and repair your leaky gutters all depends on choosing the suitable tape and sealants. You need to be careful not to get injured and wear safety equipment like gloves and a hard hat.

We hope that this post will help you to fix your gutters correctly.