How to prevent broken gutters

Broken gutters can cause a lot of problems, especially during the rainy season. The last thing you want is a dripping wall or a ceiling, leading to other issues like house damage and fungus growth. You can repair them, but if you can prevent them, that is even better. So this article will focus on some of the main reasons for broken gutters and how you can prevent them from leaking. 

What to do for prevention

The roof not only shields you from the rain and sun but also collects all other debris like fallen leaves, twigs, dirt, etc. One of the most common reasons for a broken gutter is due to clogging. All the dust, dirt and other materials get collected on the gutter, stopping the rainwater from flowing down the drain. You can prevent this by installing a gutter guard. It will ensure that all the debris gets collected on the guard and prevent the gutter from clogging.

There is also a good chance for snow to be one reason you have a broken gutter. During the snowy season, the snow from the roof falls into the gutter. The freezing temperature expands the gutter and causes it to crack and lead to leakages. But you can prevent this by insulating your attic.

Rainwater can also erode the strength of the gutter and hence cause some of the moulding to crack. But there is an excellent solution for this. You can go to the store and grab a can of water-resistant paint and apply it on all the gutters in the roof. It will ensure that the gutter lasts longer and keep the moulding safe from cracking. 

Installing rain gutters the right way is crucial. That is why hiring professionals to do the job is the best advice. Installing the gutter correctly also prevents overflow of rainwater and foundation damage. It is crucial to have the rainwater flow through the trenches so let the hired professionals inspect the foundation area before the rainy season starts. That way, you can prevent any problems with the gutter.