How To Maintain Your Gutters

Gutter maintenance is an essential part of keeping your home clean. Without gutters, rainwater will run off your roof in curtains. Their design is to change the direction of rainwater to the downspouts. But the gutters can be an ideal spot for leaves, twigs and dirt during the windy season. When all this dirt clutters in the gutters, the water gets clogged, and it becomes vital to clean it.

Gutter cleaning is essential, and along with that comes maintenance. Not only that, many homeowners tend to clean only the inside and not the outside of the gutter. Neglecting to clean the outside of the gutter can lead to a wide variety of problems for your house. It can crack the foundation of your home and can lead to mould and other bacteria.

To avoid all these problems, we advise you to keep clean your gutters now and then. It is also very costly to call for a gutter cleaning service. To keep your budget cost-efficient, here are some tips for maintaining your gutters.

Regularly clean your gutters

We cannot stress to you enough how vital cleaning your gutters is for maintenance. Gutters may be cleaned twice a year for their efficient use. Clean your gutters in early spring once to clear the leftover ice that accumulates during winter. Clean your gutters again in the late fall before the snow starts to fall. This clean up will ensure that all the falling leaves will clear up from the gutter.

Keep a sturdy ladder

Many homeowners meet with accidents that occur during gutter cleaning and end up injuring themselves. Shaky ladders are one of the main reasons for accidents. Not only that, the position of the ladder in the wrong spot can lead to falls. Whether you clean it, hose down the dirt or power wash your gutter, it all depends on how comfortable you stand.

Unclog the downspouts

Most homeowners tend to leave the downspouts while cleaning the gutter. Not unclogging the downspouts will result in the clog moving to the underground drain that will be a big hassle for you. Check if the water backs up out of the top; if it does so, then a clog is present. Usually, you can unclog the downspout by tapping on its side. If it doesn’t work, remove the back spout and flush it from the underground drain.

Invest in a gutter guard

Look for leaks and rusts

Leaks in gutters usually appear where the attached sections are connected. It is hard to detect leaks in the dry season, but you can spot the leaks while water flows during rainy season. Reseal the leaks with the gutter sealant during the dry season.

For rusts, clean the area and coat it with a metal primer around it. You can scrub with a wire brush if the rust is minor damage.


We hope that this post will help you maintain your gutter at home without having to call a professional for help.

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