Broken Gutters: How to Fix Broken Gutters

Welcome to Gutter Guys’ Blog! As experts in gutter maintenance and repair, we’re here to guide you through the ins and outs of fixing broken gutters. Whether you’re dealing with leaks, sagging, or blockages, our blog is your go-to resource for practical advice and professional insights. From DIY fixes to understanding when to call in the pros, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive into the world of gutter repair and ensure your home stays dry and damage-free!

Assessing Gutter Leaks and Blockages

Begin by inspecting your gutter system during a downpour to check for leaks. If your downpipe isn’t draining, try flushing it with a hose to pinpoint the blockage. Should the problem persist near the top, disassembling parts of the pipe might be necessary to clear out debris. Once clear, apply repair tape to any leaks. Ensure the tape is firmly molded to the shape of the joint for a watertight seal.

Sealing Holes with Roofing Cement

Small holes in gutters can be effectively sealed with roofing cement. Prepare the cement according to the manufacturer’s instructions, apply a dollop over the hole, and smooth it out for a seamless repair. Allow adequate time for the cement to dry, creating a robust barrier against further leakage.

Replacing Faulty Gutter Hangers

Leaky broken gutters often result from failing hangers. Using an electric drill, remove the screws and fasteners to replace the hangers. Work systematically, section by section, to avoid the entire gutter detaching unexpectedly.

Cast-Iron Gutter Repairs

For cast-iron gutter repair, remove the bolts with a spanner or cut through them with a hacksaw. After removing rust with a wire brush, apply sealant to any leaks, ensuring the gutter is watertight once again.

Inspecting the Installation Quality

Improperly installed gutters can lead to significant issues. Ensure that your gutter system, including downspouts, is correctly positioned, directing water away from your home’s foundation. If necessary, gutter extensions can be added to enhance the system’s efficiency.

Professional Help from Gutter-Guys 

If the task at hand is beyond a DIY fix, or you’re looking to install new gutters, fascias, or soffits, Gutter Repairs Warrington by Gutter-Guys offers expert services to ensure your gutter system functions perfectly.


The key to effective gutter maintenance lies in selecting the right materials and taking safety precautions. Equip yourself with gloves and a hard hat to avoid injury. For those in the Warrington area seeking professional assistance, reach out to Gutter Repairs Warrington for top-tier services. Remember, proactive gutter maintenance can prevent costly damage and maintain the integrity of your home.