How To Clean Home Gutters Without A Ladder

Cleaning or proper maintenance of gutters is mandatory for every household at least twice a year, fall and spring. It is the time when the leaves and debris tend to accumulate in the gutter. 

If the gutter is not cleaned regularly, it might lead to leakage in the roof and other damages to the walls because of blockage in the flow of water through the gutter. It will result in expensive repairing. 

How about cleaning gutters and that too without ladders? Let’s check on several way-outs to avoid the ladder.

Leaf blower 

This is one of the best and the easiest methods to clean the gutter. With an extension and a nozzle attachment, one can easily clean the gutter from the ground. 

One needs to stand placing the nozzle on one end of the gutter and blow the leaves along with the debris while moving it to the other end, and the work is done!  

The extension tubes can extend up to 8 ft approximately, and the upper end has a bent tube so that nozzle faces downwards, allowing the air to clean the leaves.

Pressure washer

The nozzles are of different shapes allowing water to gush out in various pressure points. Even a soap water nozzle can be used if one intends to clean the gutters with detergent and water.

The pressure washer also helps to clean the downspouts to avoid any clogging. 

Vacuum cleaning

Vacuum cleaning is perfect for cleaning dry leaves, pine needles, and twigs from the gutter. A ladder is not required as with the help of the extension wands, one can easily reach the gutter from the ground. The rod’s upper end is bent so that the blower can face downwards, making it easier to clean.

The dry leaves and other debris are vacuumed out and get collected in a bag. So it is not at all messy. The leaves don’t get scattered on the ground. You can clear the bag, and you are done! 

Rotary gutter cleaner 

This gutter cleaner comes with a rotating brush and a power sprayer to clean the wet debris from the gutter. It has wands that are light in weight and extendable so that you can operate from the ground. 

The wands have such sections that, at one end, you can attach a cordless drill for the operation of the brushes or garden hose for cleaning with water.