How To Clean Home Gutters

Rain gutters generally get clogged with the leaves and dirt that get accumulated on the roof. If not cleaned regularly, then the dirt and debris will solidify, making it hard to clean. Hence it will be a wise step to clean them regularly.

Why cleaning the gutter is necessary?

If not cleaned properly, Gutters may lead to accumulation of water, which with time may damage the roof and walls of the room. It can even be a home for tiny creatures like rodents and other unwanted pests. 

Debris can even sag the gutters and can even be responsible for the growth of molds. So, if not maintained regularly, it can result in repairs of the entire house that will be expensive.

When should the gutter be cleaned?

Twice a year, that is in the spring, and in the fall is the perfect time to clean the gutter. These are the times when the leaves accumulate. Cleaning the trenches during this time will make the gutter ready for the heavy downpour in the summer.

Things required to clean the gutter

The first and foremost thing that is required is a ladder to reach the gutter. You should take proper safety measures before climbing the ladder. 

Carry a bucket and a container. The bucket will help to collect the leaves and other debris. The container will help carry the tools required to clean the gutter. 

Tie the bucket and the container to the ladder or hang them from a hook to be easily accessible.

Precautionary measures before starting

Rubber gloves are a must if wet debris is handled. It will protect the hands.

It is better to use a gutter scoop or a trowel for solidified debris.

While using an extension ladder, do consider a ladder stabilizer to hold the ladder in place. 

Lastly, don’t forget to wear a pair of safety glasses which will protect the eyes from dust particles.

Steps to clean the gutter

Start the cleaning procedure from near the downspout. 

Clean the strainer of the downspout.

After the cleaning is done, You can flush the remaining by just attaching the spray nozzle to the garden hose.

If the water doesn’t drain out easily, then there are chances of a blockage. One can fit the spray nozzle from the opening near the ground and spray water in such cases.

If this doesn’t work, then a plumber’s snake can break the blockage with the help of a plumber’s snake.

In case of any leakage, one should seal those immediately.

Check the slopes if there is any stagnant water in the gutter. A proper gutter slope should be ¼ inch per 10 feet moving towards the downspout. If any improper gutter slope, you can detach the hangers and adjust the gutter slope accordingly. 

Despite all these measures, if there is still an issue with the water drainage, seeking professional help would be suggested.


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