Gutter Troubleshooting: Common Issues and How to Solve Them

You know how important it is to take care of your gutters to keep water from damaging your home if you own one. Here are some of the most common gutter problems and the good solutions that the professionals at Gutter Guys can give you.

Gutters Clogged

One of the most common problems with gutters is that they get clogged. The flow of water can get slowed down by leaves, twigs, and other waste. This can cause floods. It will help if you clean your gutters at least twice a year. You might want to add gutter guards to help keep trash from building up.

Leaking Gutters

Leaks can occur at gutter joints, as well as through holes and fractures. To solve leaks, first clean the gutters. Fill up any gaps with gutter sealant or fill holes with a patch. If the leak originates at a junction, tighten or replace the fasteners.

Gutters That Wobble

Gutters can sag when they’re full of rubbish, water, or hangers that aren’t spread correctly. Should your gutters start to sag, you may need to repair or add more hangers. Make sure the hangers are spaced out correctly—usually every two to three feet—so they can hold the weight.

The Wrong Slope

When it comes to drainage, gutters need a small slope that leads to the downspout. If the water in your gutters doesn’t move, check the slope and bend the hangers a little if you need to.

Problems with the Downspout

Downspouts are very important for keeping water away from your base. If your drain isn’t working right, make sure it’s not clogged and goes at least five feet away from your house. If you need to, think about adding a pipe extension.

By addressing these common issues, you can ensure your gutters function correctly, protecting your home from water damage. For professional help, contact the experts at Gutter Guys. Our team can provide thorough inspections, routine cleanings, and necessary repairs to keep your gutter system in top shape.