Gutter Cleaning the Right Way

When it comes to your home, the roof gutters form a vital component. Roof gutters have one job, and that is to collect the water from your roof during the rainy season. They do so to ensure that the excess water doesn’t end up ruining your home. However, many homeowners fail to pay importance to them because they are present up high and not visibly on the ground.

Roof gutters also go a long way in protecting the siding and landscaping of your home. You have to realize that gutters also collect leaves, debris, sticks, and not just water. These things cause clogging when their amount reaches the excess level. During winter, these clogged gutters could also lead to your roof having ice dams. We encourage you to clean your roof at least once a year.

Staying Ready

You should also place a tarp right below your workstation. It will help you collect all the mess and gunk from your gutter. Plus, the tarp will also help you protect your landscape and lawn. You can clean easily without making a huge mess while you are at it.

Ladder & Plastic Scoop

It is always advisable to use a decent ladder for climbing the roof. We advise you to use a ladder that is sturdy and extendable. You should place your ladder on a clean and strong surface. Make sure to look out for landscaping rocks while placing the ladder. An unreliable surface will harm you. It is also smart to utilise a ladder stabiliser to prevent gutter damage when cleaning your gutters. The ladder stabiliser guarantees the utmost safety.

You can also get extra help from your family members. They will help you with the ladder or whenever you drop something. A Plastic scoop is also required for getting rid of the gunk present in the gutters. You can easily purchase a gutter scoop from your nearest hardware shop. A decent alternative to a gutter scoop would be a kid’s sandbox shovel or a plastic spatula from your kitchen.

Cleaning & Repairing

After you get rid of all the debris inside your gutters, you need to utilize a garden hose for cleaning everything. The garden hose will help in flushing the downspouts and gutters. It removes all the remaining debris present on your roof. It will also point out all the leaks present in your gutter.

After cleaning your gutter, you have to start repairing any type of sagging metal from your gutter. To execute this, you can make use of the gutter hanger by mounting it. You may not know this, but most gutter repairing consists of DIY jobs. So, you can get creative and technical here after cleaning it.