Guide to repairing broken gutters

Drainage is an essential aspect of housing, and rain gutters on the roof play an indispensable role. It may seem insignificant given that you already have a roof over the house, but this minor system is responsible for keeping your home water-free and keeping your foundations strong.

Why do you need rain gutters on the roof?

Rain gutters on the roof are super necessary if you don’t want leaky roofs, ceilings or walls. But more importantly, it drives the rainwater down the downspouts and into the central drainage system so that it keeps your house foundation safe. If you ignore this gutter system, water gets collected at the base of the house, which can sip into your home and cause a lot of problems. It can weaken the house, destroy wooden pillars and allow mould or fungus to grow. 

How to fix it?

If you notice the rainwater overflowing from the gutter or below it, you probably have an issue. The most common problem is a hole in the gutter. Most of the gutter material is metal, so over time, the rust destroys parts of the gutter, causing holes to develop. So how do you fix it? Here is how.

There is another reason why you may have a leaky or broken gutter. If you notice water behind the gutter, it is a sign of the gutter installed without flashing. You do not want that to happen because it only aggravates the rusting process and further damage the gutter. But there is a way to fix this problem. All you need is something called a ‘gutter apron’. You can easily install them behind the shingles and over the gutter, and this will prevent any water from accumulating behind the gutter. 


For anyone with a roof over the house, rain gutters are crucial. You can’t always depend on hiring trained professionals to repair the damage because you can handle most of the broken gutter problems yourself. With the right tools, adhesives and instructions, fixing them do not take a lot of effort.