Guide To Gutter Fascia

What is fascia gutter?

Fascia gutter has siding panels that lie between the gutters and the exterior wall of a house. It cleverly hides the outdoor rafters and secures the gutters to a home. When heavy rains accumulate in the gutters, fascia gutter styles help to stop the overflow quickly. Also, this gutter effectively diverts away from the sudden rush of water with no minimal effort.

What are the types of Fascia board materials?

1. Wood 

Wood fascia provides the most economical type of material. It is also the most commonly used type of material. They are water-resistant and give a beautiful finish to the exterior of your home. 

Painting your wood fascia will increase its durability with time.

2. Aluminium

Aluminium fascia is a popular choice compared to the wood fascia. It has elastic properties that are good for wrapping around wooden fascia boards. Since it is low-maintenance and easy to install, it is a popular material choice for home-owners who want budget-friendly materials. Not only that, it has natural weather-proof functions.

3. Composite

Home-owners who want to opt for environmental-friendly material can select composite fascia for their gutters. Composite is made from recycled wood and polymers. Compared to the wood fascia, it decomposes at a slower rate.

4. Vinyl

Many home-owners like to opt for vinyl material in fascia because of its versatility. They come in many colours to match the exterior of your home. Vinyl material fascia is easy to install, and it is cheaper to repair.

What are the benefits of installing fascia gutter?

1. Aesthetical value

Many home-owners install fascia gutter because it adds aesthetical value to their homes. It has a slack design with a clean finish making it a popular choice for home-owners to install.

2. Security

In areas with lots of thunderstorms, fascia boards provide security from the winds to your gutters. Not only that, during heavy rainfall, fascia helps with preventing overflooding of water.

3. Protection

Along with security, fascia boards protect your house. The gutters alone may not be expendable, but installing fascia gutters can extend your gutter systems’ warranty.

Final thoughts

All the gutter boards and fascia gutters are cost-effective ways to prevent water damage in buildings. Installing fascia for your home is a wise decision.

Fascia prevents the rafters in your home from rotting quickly. Since it holds up the gutters in their places properly, fascia supports the roof structure from deteriorating.

If the fascia is installed correctly, moisture in your roof is prevented and helps you against infiltration of water in your house.

Not only that, they give a beautiful décor to the outdoor of your house. All in all, installing fascia boards for your gutter can be the best decision you make. We hope that we are able to provide some information about fascia boards through this post.

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