Guide On Gutter Cleaning

We think it’s best to clean them in the spring and fall seasons. If you delay cleaning, the gunk will get gunky, and you will have a hard time removing it. The leaves, twigs, debris, bacteria, and other dirt all occupy the space in your gutter. So, it is crucial to remove them at the earliest to prevent structural damages and inviting critters to nest there.

Understanding Ladder Use

It is super important to use a strong and secure ladder while cleaning your roof. Your ladder should have the power to hold a bucket up to five gallons for collecting all the gunk. If your home consists of a single-story, then you can use a 4-legged step ladder. And if your house consists of two stories or more, then make use of an extension ladder.

We advise you to avoid using wooden and orchard ladders. They aren’t reliable and don’t have full safety support. You can also use fiberglass ladders, but they are super heavy. Another safe and reliable choice would be an aluminium ladder. Make it a priority to ensure that your ladders don’t have dents, loose screws, or defects.

Usage of Garden Hose & Gutter Scoop

You need to use a garden hose that features a spray nozzle of a pistol-grip trigger. This hose type enables you to make an adjustment to your water pressure by just using one hand. You can hang this hose at the gutter’s front edge while you move your ladder or whenever you utilise a scoop. You can buy this type of garden hose from your nearest hardware shop.

Using a scoop for cleaning your gutter is one of the best techniques out there. It works well in cleaning all the leafy debris. We recommend you buy and use a plastic scoop because it features a scooping edge on its front. The edge happens to be quite thin and easily gets inside the gutter’s trough. It will easily scoop out the debris of any size. However, you should avoid using metal scoops because they can damage your gutter.

Covering Your Hands & Eyes

We highlight the importance of using gloves at all times. You are exposing your hands to bird poop, rotten leaves, dirt, and bacteria. So, it is a must to use gloves to garner protection against these things. Gloves will also protect your hands from cutting yourself. The broken metal shards could potentially harm you. Cotton, rubber, and leather gloves aren’t the safest to use.

We would recommend you to use gloves of suede material. This material is far superior to the former ones. Some critters make their homes in the gutter. So, protecting your eyes is also a smart thing to do. You never know what may come out of the gutter while cleaning it.

Final Thoughts