Fascias: What Are Gutter Fascias?

The Vital Role of Guttering in Home Maintenance

Guttering is an indispensable component of every house, playing a crucial role in channeling rainwater from the roof to a downspout away from the home. This system is pivotal in safeguarding the walls, roof, foundation, and landscape from water damage.

Understanding Fascia: The Backbone of Guttering

The gutter is affixed to a board known as the fascia, mounted at the roof’s edge. This board is a critical element, especially during heavy rain, as it bears the load of water flowing through the gutter. Therefore, the material of the fascia must be robust and durable.

Materials used to make Fascia

  • Wooden Fascia Options: Cedar and redwood are premium choices for fascia due to their moisture resistance. Other less expensive woods like pine, fir, and spruce can also be used but require painting for moisture protection.

  • Metal and Synthetic Options: Alternatives to wood include aluminum, Vinyl, UPVC, composite, and wood covered with aluminum. Aluminum fascia is particularly notable for its weatherproof qualities and lifespan enhancement when used with wood.

  • Vinyl Fascia: Unplasticised vinyl is a strong, durable, and low-maintenance option. Its smooth surface facilitates easy cleaning and efficient water flow.

Innovative Fascia Gutters for Modern Homes

Fascia gutters, made from materials like Colorbond or Zincalume, are an excellent choice for both residential and commercial properties. They offer a variety of color options and can be installed with exposed or concealed brackets.

Multifaceted Purpose of Fascia

Apart from supporting the gutter, fascias protect against pests, prevent birds and squirrels from entering the house, and can even assist in attic ventilation. They also enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home.

Maintaining Your Fascia

Maintenance is key, especially for wooden fascias. Woods like pine and fir are prone to moisture absorption and can deteriorate if not properly maintained. Covering these woods with aluminum can significantly reduce maintenance needs and prolong the life of the fascia.


Choosing the right fascia material is crucial for the longevity and effectiveness of your guttering system. At Gutter Guys UK, we understand the importance of quality guttering and fascia for your home.

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