Do Your Gutters Need Soffits?

What are soffits made of?

Soffits are made of other materials, like aluminum, cement, wood, steel, and fiber; the strongest and the most superior material is uPVC. A soffit made of uPVC requires the least maintenance and can withstand every weather condition. It is also affordable, strong, and durable.

Plastic is the most popular material because it is waterproof, rust proof, strong but light in weight, and durable, and overall, it is cheaper than any other metals. It can be customized and is available in varieties of colors and finishes. Plastic comes with great insulating properties and does not rot like wood. 

Wood is also used to make soffits, but wood usage is very rare as it is not durable and eventually rots with moisture and is not durable enough. Wood is also quite expensive. The only best part is its traditional look. 

Use of soffits

Apart from bridging the gap between the wall of the house and the bottom of the gutter, soffits serve various other purposes. It protects the rafters from various weather conditions.  The absence of a soffit will wet the rafter, gradually damaging it. 

An aluminum soffit system consists of an aluminum panel, fascia, and soffit joist. Vinyl or aluminum both is capable of preventing moisture. So a soffit protects the roof from the adverse effects of snow and rain. 

The soffit also adds to the beauty of the house. It conceals the beams beneath the overhang. 

The soffit can also work as excellent ventilation to the attic. Hence soffit protects the house from damp. A well-ventilated attic and roof reduce moisture and possible ice dams. 

Soffit venting is becoming more popular amongst the owners of the home. When the houses are constructed, the most neglected part is attic venting, and very few people think about it. 

Because of no ventilation at all, attics are dumped with dust and stale air. The attics are hotter compared to the entire house because of lack of ventilation, causing the area to be very suffocating. 

Homeowners are becoming more aware and are using soffit venting. It is essential for the ventilation of the attic along with the requirement in the gutter system.

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