What Damage Can A Clogged Gutter Cause?

Clogged gutters may seem like harmless issues, but in the end, they are capable of causing major damage in our homes. When the spillway gets blocked, it cannot direct water freely as it is supposed to. Instead, the water becomes stagnant and eventually overflows onto the roof and our properties.

When that overflow occurs, it affects not only our roof but the backyard, walls, and other parts of the house. That results in spending extra money on repairs, reinstallations, and replacements. For that reason, we should prevent clogs in our gutters at all costs. 

Regular gutter cleaning goes a long way in maintaining an effective drainage system. It will reduce the risks of clogs in the gutter and prevent the aftermath of an overflow. 

Consequences Of A Blocked Gutter

When our drain gets clogged, the water overflows instead of going into the downspout. Because of that, water flows all over the roof to the ground, where it causes large pools of water. Such situations turn into serious problems over time if not remedied when noticed. Some of the aftermaths of a blocked drainage system include;

Pest and insect infestation

When water and dirt gather in your gutter, it becomes a breeding place for insects like mosquitoes and ants. The stagnant water invites pests and birds to build a house around it and live there. However, a routine check on your gutter may help reduce the odds of that happening.

Overflowing gutter

Of course, when a spillway becomes clogged, water accumulates instead of flowing through the downspout. When more water gathers in the area with no exit way, it eventually overflows on the roof, walls, and finally to the ground.

Leaking roofs

Blocked drainages are one of the silent ways that our roof suffers leakages. When water overflows to the roof, it weakens the material used in making it and causes leakages. That sign does not show immediately when the drain gets clogged. The overflow usually goes on for a while before it finally wears off the roof to the extent it leaks. 

Sagging gutter

The accumulation of dirt, debris, leaves, and twigs in the gutter adds additional weight and causes it to sag. In that situation, you may notice gaps between the gutter and fascia. The drain disconnects from the bracket used to secure it and sag.

Mould growth in the drainage

What causes moulds is the availability of moisture or humidity on a surface. The dampness on the walls and gutter surface creates a perfect place for moulds and other plants to grow unbridled.

Hire A Professional To Clean Your Gutters