Gutter Installation Basics

If you consider replacing the gutters on your house, you should know that you have many choices. You can choose from seamless, sectional, or hidden bar hangers. This article will cover the various types of gutters and their installation costs. It will also discuss the different kinds of available downspouts.

Costs of gutter installation

When determining gutter installation costs, consider the length of your gutters and the type of material you use. It’s essential to measure the size of your gutters, including the downspout, from the ground. It is both a safety precaution and an estimation tool. Then, add up the labour hours necessary to complete the job.

The cost of installing gutters varies depending on the size of your home. Gutter installation on a one-story home is less expensive than gutters on a two-story home. Also, a larger home may require special equipment, increasing costs. Costs for gutter installation depend on the type of material you use, ranging from cheap aluminium to expensive copper or stainless steel.

Types of gutters

There are three main types of gutters. The traditional half-round gutter is an attractive choice for homes built before 1960. It has a semi-circular trough shape with a curved front lip. This style is typically two sizes and is most often made of copper, forming a nice patina over time. However, it can become clogged with leaves and debris. As such, it is often accompanied by leaf guards.

Besides being available in various materials and styles, gutters can be custom-built for a home’s unique architecture. Unlike other types of gutters, they do not come in sections. Instead, they are continuous pieces of aluminium. Unfortunately, custom-built gutters can be quite expensive and must be installed by a professional. Depending on the size of the home, custom-built fascia gutters can run you several hundred dollars.


The proper downspouts are essential in gutter installation. They run vertically down the side of a home, connecting to a hole in the gutter channel. The end sits several inches above the ground, directing water away from home. A general rule of thumb is one downspout per twenty feet of guttering. However, your installation may require more or fewer downspouts, depending on your local climate and the design of your gutter system.

Downspouts are integral parts of gutter installation because they direct water away from your home and minimize damage to your roof. They come in different styles, materials, and lengths. The cost of installing them varies, and the number you need is based on the size of your home. They are typically priced by linear foot. If you have more than one level of gutters on your home, you can expect to pay more.

Hidden bar hangers

When installing a gutter in Bootle, you should use hangers to hold the ends together. There are several kinds of hangers you can use. Some of the most common include 0.063-inch aluminium hidden hangers and 5-inch wrap-around hangers. You can select them based on the style of gutter you have, but all will give you a great-looking installation.

Most hangers mount to the fascia board or some other vertical structural member if you are installing a standard gutter. These are comparatively cheap and simple to install. The FSH bar is an excellent choice for most applications. This hanger hooks into the inner lip of the gutter and are screwed into the fascia. For added strength, the FSH bar also includes a continuous bead of silicone, which can be removed when cleaning the gutter.


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