A step by step guide on how to replace broken home roof gutters

Home roof gutters or rain gutters are essential for your house or building. They direct the flow of rainwater to exit through a certain point. You can even use them to store some rainwater. Without gutters, it can get messy. 

Since gutters are crucial, it’s also necessary to replace them if need be. So here’s a step by step guide on how to replace broken roof gutters. 

Preparing the gutter

The first step is to bring the required tools and take the measurement of the gutter and downspout. Use the tools necessary to cut the gutter and downspout to the required length. Before cutting, install the end cap on one end. After installing, you have to be careful and cut precisely. Once you’re done cutting, cut a hole on the opposite end of the end cap.  

In case you’re wondering, it’s for placing the outlet to let the water out. Use a seal and screw the outlet in place. If you feel like you need a break, you should take it. The process has just started, and the real struggle is yet to come. 

Removing the broken gutter

Removing the old channel is simple yet more challenging than installing a new one. You’ll need to be careful. 

The first step will be to remove the downspout. To do this, remove the elbow at the bottom of the downspout first. If any straps are used to attach the downspout to the wall, remove them using the necessary tools. Unscrew the water outlet in the current gutter. Finally, you can slowly remove the downspout. 

Removing the downspout first makes it easier to remove the gutter. Follow these steps in the same order to prevent any accident or damage.

If there are any nails, screws and devices attaching the gutter to the house, remove them. After doing so, you can gently detach and carefully remove the broken channel. 

Installing the new gutter

And now for the final step; installing the new gutter. If you’re doing this alone, you must know by now that the task is easier said than done. But don’t worry, you’re doing a great job, and it’s almost done! Just a few simple steps, and you’ll have a brand new rooftop gutter. So let’s begin the real deal. 

First, temporarily screw the gutter a few inches lower than its intended position. The gutter needs to be lower because of the hangers you’ll be using. These hangers will attach the gutter to the building, like the ones you removed earlier. With the channel lowered, put the brackets in place. Once you’ve placed the brackets, reposition the gutter and screw in the brackets.

The gutter is now installed, but there’s one last step left; installing the downspout. Attach an elbow at the top of the downspout and attach it to the outlet in the gutter. It’s a piece of cake. And finally, attach the downspout to the building using the required items. Lastly, attach an elbow at the bottom. 


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