A Personal Guide To Cleaning Gutters

Your leaf-blocked gutter might not seem like the biggest ordeal to you. But you should realize the underlying issues that come with negligence. Gutters tend to manage flowing of the rainwater during rainy seasons. So, if your gutter has some blockage, then the water will start flowing in the wrong places. It will cause harm to your home and also lead to cracks and fissures in your walls.

It is super important to ensure that there aren’t any leaves, stones, twigs, debris, and critters in your gutter. Sometimes a mixture of these things could form gunk and cause your house to smell. If you are looking to clean the gutters by yourself, then you need to follow this guide. It will help you to be time and money-efficient. Plus, you can clean the safer way without accidents.

Cleaning By Yourself

If you can work safely using a ladder, then you can start cleaning by yourself. However, if your house is super tall, we highly recommend you opt for a professional cleaning service. You should purchase all the necessary equipment from the nearest hardware store. Pick a firm surface for placing your ladder. Make sure to pick a sturdy, tall stepladder instead of an extension one.

While cleaning, you need to place your hips right between the rails. You should always avoid standing on top of the front two rungs. Your gutter is also home to dirt, debris, critters, and millions of bacteria. So, it is only safe and hygienic to use a glove for cleaning. The gutters also tend to have sharp pointy screws and metal parts present in them. So, the need for gloves arises here. We would also advise you to use safety goggles while cleaning to protect your eyes.

You never know what might pop out of that pile of gunk. Carrying a 4-5 gallon bucket for collecting the debris is also a smart move. Make sure to also place a tarp or drop cloth right underneath to avoid making a mess. You can use a leaf blower appliance for blowing away all the debris and leaves from the roof. You should do it to prevent the future rain or wind from blowing these things into your gutter again.

The Necessary Steps