7 Must-Have Tools To Fix Gutters

Damage to gutters is an everyday problem for all home-owners. But that doesn’t mean you have to call for professional help now and then. For minor damages, you can also quickly repair them. It becomes easy to fix all your damages to the gutter system with the right kind of tools.

This post will help you choose what tools you should keep at home to repair your gutter damages.

Rubber gloves

Before you start to repair any damage in your gutter, ensure that you properly equip yourself with safety equipment pieces. It is advisable to wear heavy-duty ones instead of latex and nitrile gloves. If you wear thin gloves, you can cut your hands on sharp edges of the gutter.

Sturdy ladder

It is a must for every home-owner to have a good quality ladder at home. Usually, ladders made from aluminium and fibreglass are the best. It may cost a little bit more, but the negligence of safety is a threat to yourself. If you repair the gutter yourself, you will be standing on the ladder for a long time. Not only that, you will be going up and down a lot. Weak ladders may break in that process resulting in falls and injuries.

Pop rivet gun

Cordless drill

When you repair your gutters, you have to work either on top of the roof or ladder. If you use a drill with the cord attached to your house’s switch below, it will become difficult for you to get things done fast. This is where the cordless drill comes in handy. You can easily make drills in your gutter without having to move or attach the cord with you. Select a powerful cordless drill with yourself that has more voltage. High voltage drills can make you drill on rigid materials.


In gutter damages, you can use crimpers for crimping gutter end caps in place. You can also use crimpers for creating locking tabs for sheet metal duct corners. It has other uses, but usually, crimpers are used for locking the end caps for repairing gutter systems.

Duckbill tin snips

Duckbill tin snips blade shape has the shape of a duck’s beak resulting in its popular name. You will need duckbill tin snips for cutting various thickness of stainless and cold-rolled steel. We recommend you to buy this if your gutter is made from stainless steel.

Hex head screwdriver

You will use this screwdriver when you need to drive bolts and screws with a hexagonal socket. Home-owners who want to fasten their gutter nails need to have this screwdriver because it will come in handy.


In addition to these tools, you can also keep offset tin snips, nails and screws that can fasten your damaged gutters.

We hope that you will be able to repair your damaged gutters with these tools. 

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