6 Effective Ways To Clean Gutters From The Ground

Every homeowner likes to keep their gutters clean, and sometimes it’s not always the best and safest idea to climb the roof. Fortunately, there ways and tools which can help you clean the gutters from the ground. Let’s find out what are they, and you can choose them at your convenience, as long as you need not climb a ladder.

The Classic Garden Hose

Although using the garden hose from the ground may be a little difficult, it is doable. You may want to hose down water at high force from one side to another of the gutter. But to do that, you will need to begin at the right spot, and an attachment, such as a hard tube with a curvy end, will do just the job.

This method may not be very effective if your gutters have tightly formed debris. It’s your call judging the situation of your gutters to use the garden hose, but many still use it to this day. You must make sure that your hose is powerful too.

The Dry Or Wet Vacuum

The vacuum is a perfect tool to use when some debris falls on the ground after cleaning the gutters. But you can use it to clean the gutters as well. Choose a wet or dry vacuum depending on the mess in the gutters. 

It is always a practical idea to add an extension to the vacuum to reach the gutters for complete cleaning. If you don’t want to buy one, you can make the attachment at home with plastic tubes. Do make sure to choose a curvy pipe to attach at the end to reach the gutters from ground level.

The Power/Pressure Washer

One of the safest ways to clean gutters from the ground is by using a power washer. It is also ideal when you haven’t had the chance to clean the gutters before a storm or rain. The high pressure of the power washer works effectively to get rid of the wet and sticky leaves from the gutters.

It’d be best to attach a U-shaped wand to the power washer and clean it from ground level. It will indeed make the debris fall on the ground through the water spouts, but you can clean them with gloved hands, rake them, or sweep them.

The Leaf Blower/Sweeper

A leaf blower is a standard tool in almost every household. Perhaps it’s the most effective tool to sweep off the autumn leaves to a cumulative pile. A leaf blower usually comes with an attachment specifically to clean gutters from the ground. 

The attachment is a long tube with the end being curvy. Just attach the tube to the power washer, and you should be able to reach the gutters from the ground with ease.

Telescopic Tools

You can find a telescopic tool from any retail store. It comes with long poles, which you can manoeuvre in ways you wish to clean the gutter.

Some of the telescopic tools come with a claw-like arm to get hold of debris clogging the gutters. You can also use a cleaning pad to move the debris by running it through the gutter. A word of advice- buy a telescopic tool long enough for your house.

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