6 Common Causes of Gutter Damage

Problems in the gutter system can easily damage your home’s foundation. Every home-owner knows that neglecting your gutters are prone to wear and tear and needs looking after regularly. Usually, good quality gutters tend to last longer than cheap ones.

But what are the reasons for damages in the gutter system? There are many. It can be because of dirt accumulation and build up in the gutters. Also, the dirt can start to decompose and clog up the entire gutter system and overflow your gutters.

Here are some reasons why your gutter gets damaged.


Back flows happen when your drip edge flashing of the gutter is improperly installed. Drip edge flashing directs water away from the fascia and into the gutter. When the drip edge flashing runs under the roof or behind the gutters, this can result in damage to your gutter troughs.

Pest infestation 

Pests such as bees and wasps make their hives in accumulated debris. When the hives become more extensive, it becomes difficult for the dirt and leaves to move in the pipes. Removing these hives can be quite dangerous and can result in stings. Please wear safety pieces of equipment and then throw the hives out. 

Proper maintenance of gutters often can prevent these pests from making their homes.

Build-up of ice in winter

During snowfall, there is a quick build-up of ice which leads to cracks and splits. These cracks and splits can again cause leaks and structural damage to the foundation of your house. Putting salt in warm water and pouring over your gutter system is the best defence against cracks and splits caused by ice. Neglecting to maintain your gutter during winter will permanently damage your gutter.

Shortage of pipes

The shortage of rainwater pipes results in a flawed drainage system, which again causes damage to the gutter system. Usually, a rainwater pipe should not be more than 15 meters from the gutter. If it is longer than that, it can overload your drain.

Small gutters

All gutters come in different shapes and sizes. It is essential to select the right size of gutter for your house. Every home-owner needs to inspect the surface area and the roof’s pitch to determine the gutter’s correct size. If you improperly install the wrong gutter, it will result in over flooding of the pipes, damaging the gutter.

Too much dirt and leaves

In Conclusion

Every home-owner should know the importance of understanding how damaging broken gutters can be for your homes. There are many cases of structural and foundational damage done to families’ homes because of negligence in gutter systems.

We hope that this post will enlighten you more to take proper care of your gutter system.