4 Must-Have Tools For Cleaning Gutters

Cleaning gutters is the responsibility of every home-owner. It is not a challenging task, but many home-owners chose to call professional help to clean their gutters. But, calling professional gutter cleaners cost money. This post will show you how to save your money by cleaning your gutters at home with the right tools. 

It is advisable to clean your gutters at least twice a year. Once, after the snow melts and once before falls starts. But, if you have many trees near your house, it is good to clean the gutters one more time. More trees result in more leaves and dirt that can clog your drains a little faster than usual.

Here are some tools we recommend you to buy for cleaning your gutter.

A strong ladder

To buy a ladder is a must if you are going to clean the gutters by yourself. While purchasing a ladder, please ensure that it is a strong one. Also, do not lean the ladder against the gutter system because the gutters will break. Since you will be climbing up and down the ladder, moving it after each section, we advise you to buy a ladder that folds.

Good pair of gloves

You will need a good pair of gloves to clean your gutters now and then. Gutters are full of harmful bacteria and mouldy leaves, which your bare hands cannot pick up. 

Gutter scoops and brushes

Similar to gutter scoops, go for gutter cleaning brushes with long handles and a round head so that you can scrub in all directions of your gutter system. Also, know your gutter type before buying gutter brushes; if your gutter is stainless steel type, then you may scratch the colour coding on the pipes resulting in damage.

Buy a pressure washer

Pressure washers are good alternatives to get the job done instead of gutter scoops and brushes. It may be a bit costly, but they can loosen minor clogs and wash the dirt down the drain. Using pressure washers can make your gutter worn out quickly, so it is better to use them only when the clogs are stubborn or contain more dirt and leaves than usual.


If you clean and maintain your gutters often, your clogs will not get too bad quickly. Also, you will not need to hire a professional for cleaning your gutter. If you want to use something good and expensive, we recommend you to use a gutter robot.

We hope that this post will help you to buy the best tools for cleaning your gutter.

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