3 Easy Steps To Whiten Stained Gutters

White exuberates calmness and is possesses a classic vibe to it. The white lines of the gutter complement any other vibrant colour of the house. But the same white colour can look the exact opposite if it is unclean and has stains. Stained gutter lines can rob the home of its exterior aesthetics. 

The bright side is that we have just the solution for you to clean your white gutter without spending much.

How To Remove Stains From White Gutters

If you have white gutters, you will need to clean them relatively more often or at least a few times a year. You will require a ladder, brush for scrubbing, and a water hose for final rinsing and clean-up. Additionally, some bleach and an all-purpose cleaning agent will complete the list of things you will need. Here are the steps you will need to follow to use these elements.

  1. Protect your hands and wear rubber gloves as the first step. Take the ladder’s help to climb up the roof and remove debris and leaves. Some dense trash may need a towel for removal.
  2. Once you have scraped off the solid remnants of dirt, turn the water hose on to sweep off dirt and dust. This process will help you see where the stains are clearly. If you have pots and plants underneath the gutter, cover them with a plastic wrap or tarp as protection from toxic cleaners.
  3. Now smear the all-purpose cleaning agent on to the stains as a spot treatment. Use the brush to scrub the stained areas. You may use the cleaner repeatedly and continue to scrub with stubborn and challenging stains.

For stains that are relatively thicker and more stubborn, you can opt for a more robust solution. Mix a teaspoon of dish detergent and a cup of bleach into some water to get the solution to treat such stains. You will need to apply the solution to the stains and scrub with the brush. Along with getting rid of stains, this solution can help remove moulds and mildew forming on your gutter.

DIY Gutter Cleaning Solutions

Here are some other concoctions you can make at home to clean the gutters.

  1. Phosphate-free cleaner

Head towards your garage and look for something called TSP-PF. Besides being ideal for deck cleaning, it can do equally well with gutters. Mix a cup of TSP-PF with some bleach and hot water to get the solution.

  1. Cream of Tartar

The winemaking byproduct or cream of tartar is very rich in cleansing properties. All you need to do mix it with some water to form a creamy paste. Apply the paste on to the stains and scrub with a brush.

  1. White Vinegar

The ever-useful cleaning agent or white vinegar does excellent with stains. Just mix it with warm water, and your solution is ready. It is more practical with cleaning the gutter interiors.


Clean gutters not only make your house more appealing but also safeguard your home from damages from rain. Regular cleaning will keep blockages and clogging at bay, which contributes to leakage and wall damages. A little bit of effort will take you a long way in maintaining those white gutters.